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[Fix] Sim Not Provisioned For Voice Error Android, iPhone

Sometimes, you insert a SIM card in your handset and it shows that “SIM is not provisioned for the voice” error. This is mainly due to the SIM card. You are using a damaged, old, or torn SIM card in your new cell phone and the cell phone is not picking it up.

This may be due to the reason that you are using a new SIM card that is still not active. This error tells you one thing: Your phone does not recognize the SIM card.

How to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error?

As a result, you may be unable to send or receive voicemail, use cellular data, or perform other activities that require a SIM card. If it describes your current situation, refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

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What Does “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Means?

When your Android or iOS device states that your SIM is not provisioned, there is a problem preventing the SIM card from connecting to the carrier network. If the SIM card is new, it may not have been registered or activated by the carrier provider.

You may also encounter the “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” error if:

The carrier network has blocked your SIM card. The carrier is experiencing network downtime, most notably with SIM card activation. You are using a SIM card at an unsupported location outside the carrier provider’s coverage area.

How to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error On Android? | For all sim cards [android]

How to Fix "Sim Not Provisioned For Voice" Error on Android
How to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error on Android
  • Switch off the phone and remove the SIM card from it.
  • Wait for a few seconds and insert it into your mobile phone again.
  • Make sure you reinsert the SIM correctly.
  • You will see a small symbol on the slot to know which SIM will be inserted on the SIM.
  • Now restart the device.
Update Services to Fix "Sim Not Provisioned For Voice" Error
Update Services to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error

How to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error on iPhone? | Fix for all Sim Cards

The above methods may not work on the iPhone. For iOS devices, you need to behave differently. See the instructions below in this context.

How to Fix "Sim Not Provisioned For Voice" Error on iPhone
How to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error on iPhone
  • Switch off your iPhone and remove the SIM card from it.
  • Now clean the SIM card’s golden contacts using a soft pencil eraser.
  • Then, use a soft cloth to wipe off the eraser residue.
  • Insert the SIM card slowly into the SIM slot. Make sure it is inserted correctly.
  • Restart your iPhone and check if the problem is fixed.

Common Ways to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned For Voice” Error on Android & iPhone:

  • Enable Airplane Mode

Put your phone in airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on (airplane mode). This will refresh your device’s connection with your cellular carrier and eliminate the “SIM not provisioned” error.

Open your phone’s notification drawer (for Android) or Control Center (for iPhone) and tap on the plane icon. Wait for a few seconds and tap the same icon to disable airplane mode. If your phone still displays an error message, try the next move.

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  • Restart the phone

Rebooting your phone can also fix this problem. When your phone returns, wait for a few minutes for the SIM to be activated on the carrier network. If this does not solve the problem, it is time to do some laundry.

  • Clean SIM card and SIM port

If your phone has foreign content on the SIM tray, SIM slot/port, or on the SIM itself, your phone may fail to detect and activate your SIM card.

By foreign materials, we are talking about dirt, grime, etc. Make sure that your SIM card and SIM port are free from these materials Take out the SIM tray of your phone and clean both the SIM card and port (s).

Before you do this, we recommend turning off your device. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean your SIM card’s gold contact. Do the same for the SIM card tray and slot.

Although you can be as gentle as you are; Do not apply too much pressure while cleaning the SIM card slot so that you do not break the metal contacts.

For a hollow SIM card port, you can blow loose dirt using a can of compressed air. Do not blow the air from your mouth into the port;

Water vapor from your breath can damage the port. Re-enter the SIM card and make sure that it fits properly on the SIM tray and is inserted correctly into the port.

  • Try another port or phone

On some dual-SIM smartphones, the error message indicates a faulty SIM card – for example, “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2 not provisioned”. Switch the affected SIM card to a different SIM slot on your phone and check if the issue is resolved.

If the error persists, try inserting a SIM card on another smartphone. If it works, there is something wrong with your phone’s SIM card slot or cellular antenna. Visit an authorized service center to check your phone for possible hardware damage.

However, if other devices also fail to recognize the SIM card, you should contact your cellular carrier.

  • Install Career Settings Update

If you have a carrier settings update for your phone, installing it may help fix the problem. There are a wide variety of tasks in career settings.

When your cellular carrier introduces new features – for example Wi-Fi calling, those carriers will update your settings via settings updates.


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