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Why iPhone Camera is Not Working? How To Fix The Camera & Flash?

There may be two reasons why your smartphone’s camera does not work, it is a software or hardware issue. First of all, you have to find out the problem by starting a video chatting app like FaceTime or any other video app.

Why is my camera not working: Everything you should know!

Call a friend and check if both cameras work fine. If yes, then you are definitely facing a software problem that can be easily fixed.

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Note: If you continue to see a black screen on your camera, we recommend contacting the Apple Support Center.

iPhone camera shows a black screen: What to do?

  • Solution 1: force close the camera app

Once you notice that the screen shows a black image or closed lens, close the Camera app. Double click on the Home button and close the Camera app on the iPhone 8 first, and swipe the iPhone X or later to the middle of the screen.

How to Fix iPhone Flash
How to Fix iPhone Flash
  • Solution 2: Reset your iPhone

The easiest way to fix the iPhone camera problem is by resetting your smartphone to the default settings. Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings. This will return your iPhone to the default factory settings.

  • Solution 3: Restart your iPhone

According to users’ reports, you need to restart the device to solve the iPhone camera problem. Press the Home and Power / Sleep buttons simultaneously and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Both buttons run at the same time and your iPhone turns on again. Your personal data will not be affected. After booting your device check the camera app.

iPhone photos are blurred or out of focus: What to do?

  • Solution 1: Ensure that both front and back camera lenses are clean

Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean or wipe smoothies or fingerprints. If there is debris or dirt behind the glass, take your iPhone to an Apple store or authorized service provider for repair.

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  • Solution 2: Remove any metal or magnetic

iPhone case or camera accessories can inhibit optical image stabilization in iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone X or later iPhone. This may cause your iPhone camera to not focus or make it blurry. We recommend removing all metal or magnetic.

iPhone flash not working: What to do?

While there are pictures that look good without a flashlight, sometimes you need extra light for a dark environment. If your Flash is not working, follow the highlighted steps below:

  • If your iPhone is in a case or bumper, remove it
  • Tap the lightning bolt in the top left of the screen and make sure the flash is on.
  • Ensure that the flash lens is clean and free from any obstruction. Use a polished cloth to clean it.
  • Turn on the flashlight from the control center. If it works well, then your camera flash is also fine.

If the camera is not working: What to do?

Remove any case, accessory, or film that may block the camera or that holds a magnet near the camera.

  • Do a camera test by trying to take a photo.
  • If the photo is blurred, clean the front and back camera lenses with a microfiber cloth. If you see dirt or debris inside the lens, or if the camera lens appears to be inaccurate or blocked, contact Apple Support for assistance with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Take the photo and test the camera again. If your device has a front and rear camera, check if one or both are not working. To switch cameras, tap on the rotate button.

If flash is not working?

  • Remove any case or film that may prevent flash.
  • Test the LED flash by trying a flashlight in the Control Center on your iPhone or the Control Center on your iPad. On the iPhone X or later or iPad, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. For iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.
  • Tap on the flashlight button.
  • If the LED flash does not work as a flashlight, contact Apple Support for help with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • If flash sometimes works, open the camera app and tap on the flash button to choose a different setting.

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