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6 RAM Myths That Are Not True | Reality Check!

RAM (Random Gain Access To Memory) is the inner memory of the CPU for keeping data, program, and also program result. It is a read/write memory that stores data up until the device is functioning.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)? | What are some Common RAM Myths?

As quickly as the machine is switched off, data is erased. Gain access to time in RAM is independent of the address, that is, each storage space place inside the memory is as easy to reach as various other locations and takes the same amount of time.

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Information in the RAM can be accessed arbitrarily but it is very pricey. RAM is unpredictable, i.e. data kept in it is shed when we turn off the computer system or if there is a power failure.

Therefore, a backup Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is often utilized with computers. RAM is small, both in regards to its physical size and also in the amount of information it can hold.

How Many Types of RAM Are there? | What are they?

What is RAM & Types of RAM
What is RAM & Types of RAM

There are two types of RAM:

  • Static RAM (SRAM)

Words static suggests that the memory preserves its materials as long as power is being provided. Nonetheless, information is shed when the power comes down because of its volatile nature.

SRAM chips make use of a matrix of 6-transistors and no capacitors. Transistors do not need power to avoid leakage, so SRAM need not be freshened regularly.

There is an additional area in the matrix, thus SRAM uses extra chips than DRAM for the very same quantity of storage room, making the manufacturing sets you back greater. SRAM is hence used as cache memory and also has extremely fast accessibility.

  • ¬†Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

DRAM, unlike SRAM, should be consistently freshened in order to keep the information. This is done by putting the memory on a refresh circuit that revises the information numerous hundred times per second.

DRAM is used for many system memory as it is cheap and little. All DRAMs are made up of memory cells, which are composed of one capacitor and one transistor.

6 RAM (Random Access Memory) Myths | Reality Check by Techspotify

Myth 1: RAM is Never Full, It is Always Partially Empty!

As Bill Gates apparently said (though he refutes it, the quote still floats around like a rumor),” 640K is more memory than anyone will certainly ever require”.

When asked about this, he responded, that “no person involved in computer systems would certainly ever claim that a particular quantity of memory suffices for perpetuity.”

As well as this, as a matter of fact, is very true. And we’re not discussing whether you have sufficient RAM for the following decade, yet concerning this actual moment.

There’s a simplistic instance that every person can recognize. Every app has a minimal amount of RAM it requires to operate, yet what regarding the optimum?

Quite often, the optimum amount of RAM required for a particular application is not shared in mega/gigabytes, but instead in % of overall RAM available.

So, if you have 4Gb RAM, as well as some application’s max use is 10%, it can use up to ~ 410Mb, as well as if you have 8Gb, this will certainly increase the quantity of memory available for an app– as much as 820Mb.

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So in theory, enhancing the RAM dimension can benefit performance. So just how much RAM do you really require? It entirely depends upon what you do on your COMPUTER and what applications you make use of.

If you utilize your computer system just for net browsing as well as collaborating with documents (MS Workplace, as an example), the minimum required quantity for Success 10 users will be 4Gb, but it’s far better to have 8Gb.

Because modern-day browsers can be quite hungry for RAM (hey there, Chrome), and also Windows makes use of some quantity also.

If you utilize hefty applications for video/graphic/sound modifying, like Photoshop, After Results, etc., or a player– the minimum needed quantity increases to 8Gb, recommended– to 16Gb and beyond.

Myth 2: You Cannot Mix 2 RAMs at Once!

Many laptops or computer systems include a minimum of 2 ports for RAM sticks, if not more. Many modern-day motherboards will supply four RAM ports.

There’s a prevailing misconception you can not use different RAM sizes with each other or that you can not blend RAM brands. Simply put, that’s not real. So, can you blend RAM brand names or the dimension of your RAM sticks?

The solution is Yes, you can mix RAM sticks and RAM dimensions and also even various RAM speeds however, blending and matching RAM modules isn’t the best for system efficiency.

For the best system performance, it is recommended to utilize RAM sticks by the very same manufacturer, of the exact same size, and also of the very same regularity.

However, there’s a basic reason behind why blending RAM dimensions is usually not the best way. RAM has a number of components that all collaborated to make it carry out well.

Myth 3: Empty RAM will Perform Better!

Next off, a few of you feel that “If RAM is vacant, it’s great”. However, If you utilized an Android smartphone, you could’ve discovered particular apps such as “Ram booster” or “Memory cleaner” or something similar to like that.

Why would certainly any individual intend to cleanse their ram, why discharging applications as well as procedures from it? Well, this comes from a misunderstanding of the principle of RAM functions. Most of you think that RAM is data storage space.

While this is right, and that is how it functions if it’s complete, then it should be removed, yet it needs to be vice versa RAM must not be empty. If it’s empty, after that it’s refraining the job; it was placed in there for storing data for fast access anytime.

And also by getting rid of something from memory which is called clearing up, users may really reduce the performance of the tool. Most of the time, Running systems like iOS have respectable RAM monitoring.

They can care for themselves, releasing it of hefty applications from memory automatically when you don’t use it exceedingly. Of course, this issue is quite complicated, as well as there are individuals and articles over the web,

which may be able to clarify this to you in better information. Still, we are simply attempting to provide a type of oversimplified instance to make all this idea reasonable as well as breast the myths.

Myth 4: Computer will Perform Faster If we have More Ram!

For Adobe After Impacts, professionals recommend at least 32 GB of RAM. Any memory (not just RAM) is never too much, yet it does not make the computer faster.

Rather, a large amount of RAM gets rid of several of the restrictions on information transfer. For instance, the most recent variations of many specialist applications have actually discovered to work with jobs that are gigantic in regards to web content and intricacy.

Nevertheless, several objects in Adobe After Results or dozens of tracks in Adobe Premier will certainly require a lot more RAM than the conventional 16GB.

And already by 32, there will be visibly fewer lags during the job, As well as the task will begin to be presented much faster.

Myth 5: You can Burn the RAM by overclocking

It is feasible if the voltage is set too high. As an example, for DDR4, the standard voltage is 1.2, and the maximum secure voltage is 1.35. As for a simple boost in frequency without voltage law,

After that, this method of overclocking is not for absolutely nothing called risk-free. If voltage is a hardware physical particular, after that the frequency is just software.

It is difficult to harm the RAM chip (as well as even the video clip card) by just raising its regularity. Even if the computer system stops turning on, you simply need to reset the BIOS settings by removing the battery from the motherboard.

And afterward, try to establish the regularity lower (or higher timings). 6. Killing applications and removing RAM improves the rate.

Regardless of where you go, you will always find individuals making use of apps awesome in the misconception of developing even more area to the RAM and also consequently think, improving the efficiency as well as the rate of their gadget.

Yet it’s definitely a myth, the earlier they recognize the far better it is for their smart devices. when users eliminate the apps in order to boost RAM space, they kill the details stored in the RAM,

And also when re-opening the program or app has to search for the data in the entire system as well as consequently taking in even more time and battery.

There we see our battery getting drained faster than before and likewise, we say– “our phone has become as well sluggish”– than to make it quick,

we utilize more application killers too often that it totally tire the capacity of system manager to look each time you try to open up any application. Thus, developing a hefty load on battery back-up as well as total efficiency of the device.


These five misconceptions are some of the most common ones you’ll read concerning RAM. You can do a lot with RAM: mismatched sticks, different rates, various sizes, and so forth. Essentially, you’ll just end up with a slower computer system.

Still, it is always best to match your RAM sticks. By doing this, you’ll receive the best performance readily available, as well as there is less opportunity for corruption or other problems occurring from dissimilar memory components.


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