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Earth is on the Verge of Hitting the Climate Temperature Threshold!

A major study says that by 2025 there is a 40% probability of warming at least 1.5C a year more than the pre-industrial level.

This is lower than the two temperature limits set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This conclusion came in a report published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

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The analysis is based on modeling by climate researchers in the UK Met Office and 10 countries including the US and China.

In the last decade, it was estimated that the probability of any one year reaching the 1.5C limit was only 20%.

What is Paris Climate Agreement?

In an effort to “significantly mitigate the risks and effects of climate change”, the agreement calls for limiting global average temperature rise to below 2 ° C this century, while limiting temperature rise to 1.5 ° C.

Paris Climate Agreement
Paris Climate Agreement

Efforts to do so have been pursued. It also calls on countries to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and work to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral in the latter half of this century.

In 2018, the IPCC special report: Global Warming at 1.5 °C concluded that a difference between 1.5 and 2 °C could lead to significantly greater poverty, extreme heat, sea-level rise, habitat loss, and drought.

Earth will be Hitting Temperature Limit within Next Few Years!

According to the report released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), there is a roughly 20 percent probability,

That the Earth’s annual average growth over the next five years will be at least 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit higher than pre-industrial levels.

The report states that this severe milestone of climate change will “grow over time” over the next five years,

Adding that there is a 70 percent probability that one or more months will reach 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit in the next five years.

To be clear, hitting or exceeding this limit for a month or a year is not the same as warming up to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit as the planet’s new normal,

But Maxx Daly, director of climate services at WMO “It shows how close we are to what the Paris Agreement is trying to stop,” he tells the AP.

As Ron Brackett of reported, the Earth’s average temperature has already risen 1.8 degrees F since the pre-industrial era (1850–1900) and collectively recorded the hottest half-decade of all time in the past five years has gone.

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Reasons for Climate Temperature Rise:

In the 19th century, scientists interested in studying the connection between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the ice age concluded that some gases in the atmosphere,

Due to their heat-trapping nature, cause the “greenhouse effect”, which is associated with the planet. Affect. Temperature.

At the turn of the century, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was one of the first people to propose that emissions from human industry could someday result in an increase in Earth’s temperature or ‘global warming.

In 1938, Guy Stewart Callender, an English steam engineer, and inventor, developed a theory that linked rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to global temperatures.

This theory, called the calendar effect, was considered beneficial because scientists believed it would delay the return of “deadly glaciers”.


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