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Facebook Lifts Ban on the Posts Supporting Corona is Man-made!

The change in Facebook’s policy was made “in consultation with public health experts”, that spokesperson told POLITICO. Social network policy mandates that false claims and conspiracy theories about the virus be removed.

The company is trying to stem the tide of misinformation. Misinformation is often broadcast on Facebook, including during the Ebola crisis in 2014. The company is under pressure from MPs to clean up their acts.

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At the onset of the pandemic, dangerous blasts – falsely suggesting that drinking bleach can cure coronavirus, for example, were widely circulated on Facebook, and shared thousands of times despite Facebook’s January 2020 announcement that it would Will implement its misinformation policies about the post. Coronavirus and subsequent efforts.

Facebooks Removes Ban on the theories Supporting Covid-19 was Man-Made!

Why Facebook Banned Posts supporting the Theories that Corona Virus was Man-made?

Facebook has changed its policies to mislead COVID-19 information during an epidemic, the company said, in consultation with “major health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO)”.

The claim that COVID-19 was man-made has been focused almost exclusively on China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology since the onset of the epidemic, where the outbreak was first detected in the city.

Claims that the virus came from the lab were often pushed by former President Donald Trump, although he never provided evidence.

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Earlier, Facebook has taken action to stop misinformation about Covid-19!

Facebook has previously taken other measures to combat virus trafficking and misinformation, including removing false claims and conspiracy theories and displaying pop-ups directing users to the World Health Organization or their local health authority for the latest information Is included.

A Beijing-based intensive care physician now working in Wuhan – the city at the epicenter of China’s coronavirus outbreak – says the number of vacant beds is increasing after a large number of virus patients are discharged at designated hospitals in the city.


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