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[Fixed] iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode? Do This Quickly

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably used it to listen to music through headphones while at work from your home, or while using a treadmill in the gym. And usually, as soon as you unplug the headphones, your iPhone will start routing the music back through the speaker.

But sometimes, your iPhone can get confused and continue to work as if the headphones are plugged in, even if they are not.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode | Everything you should know!

This error is particularly disappointing since your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, you will be unable to play the sounds through the phone’s loudspeaker.

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However, there can be many reasons for this, and there can be many possible solutions to the problem. Below are some ways you should try to get your iPhone out of headphone mode.

Why is my iPhone stuck in headphone mode | Reasons for iPhone getting stuck in Headphone mode

This can be caused by many things, either on the hardware or software side. iPhones have a tendency to get stuck in headphone mode for some reason. Some of which may include:

Ways to fix iphone stuck in headphone mode
Ways to fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode
  • Moisture or dust buildup on the headphone jack port
  • A software error caused by an app or OS updates
  • You disconnected the headphones/earphones while the phone was busy
  • Use of faulty or low-quality headphones (which may cause some damage to the earphone port)

These are just a few possible reasons, but the truth is, it can happen just randomly for no apparent reason. But as we said earlier, you can probably fix this using a few steps that we will share a little bit with you.

So if you’re ready, let’s take a look at our first set, which you can do without needing any tools or special applications.

Will my iPhone get stuck in headphone mode if I don’t have a headphone jack?

Apple got rid of the headphone jack when they released the iPhone 7. This was very controversial at the time, but many people are using Bluetooth headphones like AirPods.

However, Apple has not completely eliminated the ability to use wired headphones on new iPhones. Purchases of the iPhone 7 or newer model include a wired headphone that plugs directly into your iPhone’s Lightning port (also known as a charging port).

A new iPhone 7, 8, or X also includes a dongle that lets you connect your old headphones to your iPhone’s Lightning port. However, Apple discontinued this dongle with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Even though the iPhone 7 and newer models do not have the traditional headphone jack, they can still get stuck in headphone mode! The steps below will help you fix any model iPhone that is stuck on the headphone mode.

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone mode | Ways to get your iPhone out of headphone mode

  • Restart your phone

If there is a software-related issue with your device, it can be easily solved by restarting. Just hold down the power (wake/sleep) key on your device until you get the power option.

Slide it and turn off your device. Stop for a few seconds and restart your device. This will allow you to fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode without much effort.

  • Remove your phone cover

Many times, the iPhone case can also hang the device in headphone mode. This mostly happens when the case for the headphone jack is not accurately cut. Therefore, remove the case or cover from your device and check if it is still displaying the headphone symbol.

  • Clean the headphone jack thoroughly

As stated, the iPhone stuck to the headphone problem usually occurs when the headphone jack is damaged. Too much debris can also cause this issue.

Therefore, you should clean the headphone jack thoroughly. Take the help of a cotton cloth and beat it several times. You can also use compressed air to clean the socket.

Ensure that you will not apply water directly when cleaning the jack. One of the best ways to clean it using cotton buds.

How to get my iPhone out of Headphone mode
How to get my iPhone out of Headphone Mode
  • Plug and unplug the headphones

There may also be a technical issue with your phone. To fix this, just plug in your headphones and wait for a while because your phone will detect it. Once this is done, slowly unplug the headphones.

You may have to do this many times to do this trick. After doing this 2-3 times, your phone will come out of headphone mode.

  • Check for water damage

The headphone jack is one of the most exposed areas of the iPhone, and it can also be damaged inadvertently. If you like to run or exercise while listening to your favorite track,

Chances are that sweat can go into the headphone jack and cause water damage. Even if you have it in your pocket, too much moisture can damage your phone.

To solve this problem, try removing your device while checking for water damage. You can always keep a silica gel dehumidifier on the phone or even place it in a jar of unsweetened rice.

  • Plug headphones while playing music

This is one of those expert tips that mostly work to fix the iPhone 11 stuck in headphone mode. To begin with, play a song on your phone and let your phone automatically lock while it is being played.

Now, plug your headphones into your device and unlock them. Stop playing the song manually and unplug the headphones properly. This will let your phone come out of headphone mode.

  • Turn on / off airplane mode

This is a quick and easy fix to get out of iPhone headphone mode without any hassle. If your device’s headphone jack is not damaged, just put it on airplane mode.

Swipe to access the control center and turn on the Airplane Mode option. Leave it for at least 10-15 minutes. Turn it off again and use your phone without any trouble.

  • Connect it to the Bluetooth speaker

It has been observed that by pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth device, you can switch it out of the iPhone headphone mode. To do this, first, turn on Bluetooth from the Control Center or via Settings.

After connecting it to the Bluetooth speaker, play a song. While the song is being played, turn off the Bluetooth settings on your phone. This will let you fix the iPhone stuck in the headphone mode problem.

  • Update to a stable iOS version

There may also be a problem with your iOS version. If it is not a stable version, it can cause some serious issues with your device. Therefore, it is highly recommended to update it.

This will not only fix your iPhone getting stuck on headphones, but it will also resolve any other permanent issues with your device.

Go to Settings> General> Software Update and “download and install” the new iOS update on your device. You can also learn how to update the iOS version with or without iTunes here.

  • Reset All Settings

If none of the above solutions work, you can walk the extra mile and reset all settings on your device. Needless to say, this will erase all the current settings on your phone.

However, it is also likely to fix the iPhone 11 stuck in the headphone mode problem. Just go to Settings> Reset> Reset All Settings and confirm your passcode. Your phone will reset its settings and restart in normal mode.


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