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Google India Apologized for Calling Kannada as ‘Ugliest Language’!

If you search India’s ugliest language on Google, the search result displayed is: Uttara Kannada, a language spoken by about 40 million people in South India.

The Karnataka state government has decided to take legal action against the tech giant, Google, over the ugliest language in India’s controversy.

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After facing severe backlash, Google removed the search result and issued an apology.

Government of Karnataka Condemned Google for Calling Kannada ‘The Ugliest language’!

The Karnataka government also condemned it on Thursday and warned of appropriate action against Google. Karnataka Forest, Kannada, and Culture Minister Arvind Limbavali said, “This is a very condemnable thing.


If Google or anyone else contemplates Kannada language or insults Kannada, appropriate action will be taken against them.” Will go.”

Kannada Culture Minister also slams Google!

Kannada and Culture Minister Arvind Limbavali has announced that he will issue a notice to Google in this regard.

In a tweet, he shared, “The Kannada language has a history of its own, which came into existence 2,500 years ago! It has been the pride of Kannada during these two and a half millennia.

If there is Kannada which is now called the ugliest language of India. This is just an attempt by Google to insult this pride of Kannada.”

Google India apologizes after facing backlash for Calling Kannada Language Ugly!

The page was taken down in the afternoon and by night Google India tweeted an apology, first in Kannada and then in English.

“Search isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, the way content is described on the Internet can yield surprising results for specific queries.

We know it’s not ideal, but when we’re aware of an issue and we are constantly working to improve our algorithms, we take swift corrective action.

Naturally, these do not reflect the opinion of Google, and we will not accept any misunderstandings and any sentiments Apologies for the hurting,” it said.

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why Google Showed Kannada as the ugliest Language?

This episode illustrates the lack of Fact Box, a function that Google created seven years ago. The boxes, known as “featured snippets,” contain information that the company’s algorithms pull from third-party sources.

They appear above links that usually appear in Google search results. The company has said that the featured snippets work well based on the evaluation of usage statistics and the quality of its search engine results by paid people.

But it also acknowledges that they sometimes get the facts wrong – or stray into the realm of opinion.


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