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How to View Deleted Reddit Posts? [New Tricks]

Today we are going to discuss the topic “How to read the deleted Reddit comments and posts” because a lot of users have already asked us and in this article, we are going to give you detailed information on the same.

There is no reason why posts or comments on Reddit are removed because the platform needs to moderate posts and comments and ensure that comments posted by users will not hurt any other users in the community and if If found, the post or comments are deleted.

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts | Everything you should know

There may be several reasons why comments or posts are removed from the Reddit platform. Below we are listing some reasons:

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  • Arbitrators on the subreddit remove it.
  • Reddit marked the post or comment as spam or irrelevant.
  • The user account has been removed from Reddit.
  • Post removed from Reddit.

Can we view deleted posts on Reddit?

Apps to view Reddit's deleted posts
Apps to view Reddit’s deleted posts

Reddit is an online discussion website that is posted daily on hundreds of questions and comments platforms and many people use this website daily to discuss, gain knowledge, or just spend their time.

But it is difficult for a Reddit administrator or sub-group administrator to monitor every comment or post so that they have moderate or auto-spam detecting bots that mark irrelevant or spammy content and keep the community and discussion board as clean as possible Keep it.

[Deleted] (or [deleted)) notices appear after a radiator – or an intermediary – erases a post for one reason or another. The original thread and title remain, but their content is no longer available.

Apps & Softwares to view deleted posts on Reddit:

This is especially annoying when you get a juicy title, hurry to click on it and find yourself empty-handed. Don’t worry though – here are some tricks to pull the deleted Reddit threads and comments:

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  • Removeddit

Removeddit is the easiest way to access deleted posts. All you need to do is replace “Reddit” in the original URL with “deleted” and the website will load a cached version.

Removdit also has a bookmarklet, which you can drag to your bookmarks tab for quick access to deleted posts. Whenever you spot a deleted post, click on the bookmark and it will automatically load the archived version.

  • Last Resorts

If Removeddit fails to bring back deleted posts, you can always try to scrape through the Wayback machine for archive versions. However, in my experience, Removeeddit caching does a better job of deleted posts.

Another solution is to replace “R” in “Red” with “C” – this is how Removdit works. Some users have previously reported that the SSL certificate from CDD is invalid, but no longer seems to be.

In any case, I personally like to use Removeeddit – its UI is cleaner. So, there you go: now you know what you need to do next time [removed] notice.

Ways to see deleted posts on reddit
Ways to see deleted posts on reddit
  • Resavr 

Resavr is another great tool for viewing deleted comments on Reddit. They only remove and save all deleted comments that are 650 characters or more.

According to the website, comments containing 650+ characters may contain valuable information hidden in it, and retrieving it may help many people see that information rather than retrieve all comments.

Also, it helps the website save a lot of server space by eliminating short comments. To see the deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr, visit their homepage and you can see all the top comments recently added to the system.

You can also search for the comment using the post title by putting it in the search box at the top right. They also have a recent comments tab which shows you all recently removed comments from the forum.

In addition to the comments, they also show you the character length data, when the post is deleted along with the date and time. You can use this information on websites like Wayback Machine to learn more about the given post.

  • Unreddit

Unreddit is another Chrome extension that can help you read deleted Reddit comments and also delete Reddit posts. To use this extension, go to the Chrome Extension Store and type “Unreddit” in the search box.

Click on the first option and click on the “Add to Chrome” button. On the following popup box, click “Add Extension” and wait until the extension is added.

Now go to Reddit and open any post. The extension will automatically retrieve all comments deleted for that post and show them to you.

Unreddit works on both the old as well as the new version of Reddit. The only drawback of this extension is that it does not work on non-English versions of Reddit. This is a question many Reddit users ask themselves. We have done some research and will try to answer it for you.

Can we see any deleted posts or comment on Reddit?

If a user deletes their own post, no one else can see it. It has been removed from the user’s history and was posted forever from the thread. Only Reddit admins can view deleted posts in archives on their servers.

But there is one small useful trick to solve this problem that many people probably do not know. If you replace the “r” in the word “Reddit” with a “c” in the URL, you can actually see deleted posts, except for the very old ones or those removed by moderators.

You can just google the post title (you need to remember it, obviously!) And add “Reddit”. However, you will not see the author. If this is a post that has been removed by the user then you will see this post with the word [deleted] instead of the username.

If you are the author of this deleted post, don’t worry, you won’t be recognized. By the way, if you’re wondering how to get your articles featured to thousands of readers or get more updates on Reddit, Quora, or Medium.


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