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Is Audi Connect Worth It? Know The Truth

As a temptation to hook up a smartphone and specifically use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, we’re going to park those for now and focus on Audi’s own system, called Audi Connect It is said.

Primarily a system for accessing the navigation of the car, as well as your phone contacts and calendar events, Audi Connect has three main components, called Connect Care, Connect Prime, and Connect Plus.

What is Audi Connect & Its Uses: Everything you should know!

The first is designed for emergency situations, allowing you to make an SOS call through the car if you have an accident, or call roadside assistance. Unlike some SOS systems from other manufacturers, it is available at no additional cost for the lifetime of the vehicle.

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Connect Care also includes remote locking and unlocking the car via the free myAudi app for iPhone and Android.

The app includes a car-finder feature to locate your car if you can’t remember where you parked, and also help care law enforcement locate your vehicle if it gets stolen. Does.

Electric Audi e-Tron owners get additional connect care features, including trip planning with a charge plan, remote control of the internal temperature from your phone, and control over how the car’s battery also charges.

Both Connect Prime and Connect Plus all come with a six-month free trial with the new Audis, after which you can stop using them, or pay for a subscription.

Audi Connect Uses & Features
Audi Connect Uses & Features

These are not particularly cheap. Connect Prime is priced at $ 199 for six months or $ 499 for 18 months. $ 25 per month Connect Plus is more reasonable if using your smartphone’s data connection or for the car’s own unlimited data service.

Key features include the car’s navigation system with Google Earth mapping imagery, a voice assistant that uses natural language to control things like cabin temperature, and Amazon Alexa integration to ask questions, play music, and connect your smart home devices To control.

Finally, there is Connect Plus, which creates a Wi-Fi network in your car, allowing you to connect devices such as smartphones and tablets. Connect Plus includes Internet radio streaming and access to Amazon Music.

Data for the entire connected system is received via the car’s own SIM card, which is either embedded and hidden from sight or found in a slot in the glove box.

Audi Connect Complete Review: Is Audi Connect Worth It?

So what exactly can AudiConnect offer you? Well, it has navigation based on Inrix data, so it should be a painless process from A to B.

The advantage of Inrix is ​​that AudiConnect can tell you where the nearest petrol station is and, better still, the price of fuel. By hand, our Petrol A3 saloon only gave us petrol prices, so there is no confusion there.

To make life a lot easier, it only takes an extra press then to navigate to the nearest petrol station – or with a per liter price that is acceptable to you.

Navigation will open and you will take turns guiding you to fill in on the liquid gold, sparing you those dreadful moments when you feel like you are coasting on the smoke. The same system applies to all other features.

You can view local events and then see when the event is happening before choosing to navigate to it. There is also flight information, train times, weather forecasts, and parking information, along with details on how much you will be paid, sorry, pay.

Just in case you’re worried Audi is asking you to read a lot of text, a robot-sounding woman will read news, event description, or whatever you have on-screen, so you can focus on driving. 

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This voice is useful and comical in equal measure because some words and names sound very ridiculous when pronouncing their hoarse vowels. Yes, we mentioned the news.

An Audi spokesperson told us that you can customize your news sources using the myAudi website – so in theory the latest musings can be read for you to try and get the job done.

When unsuccessful, there are several predetermined sources to keep you informed about global going-on. Last but not least is the picture destination function.

This allows you to navigate using Google Maps through the Street Maps-Esque interface – some buildings appear in 3D, so it’s easy to identify where you are.

Cleverly, if you set your home as an address, Audi Connect will only use the street photo of your house, not your actual home (unless you’re at the end of a crime-de-sac Do not live, in that case, it is inauspicious).

This happens when your car is stolen and the thief tries to stay where you live. In this scenario, you can also disable Twitter and Facebook access using the myAudi website, so don’t worry about the posting “lol I just got my car nicked” to your Twitter feed.

What is Audi MMI & Features of Audi MMI:

What is Audi MMI
What is Audi MMI

The MMI controls all the audio, communication, and navigation functions of the car. These features vary, depending on which specific Audi you buy.

The entry-level Audi A1 comes with the Technik MMI Radio Plus, shown below. It includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen display, a 10-inch digital instrument display, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, a USB port for charging, and your phone and voice control.

There are a couple of interim grades, but many Audi models now come with the MMI Navigation Plus system as standard. And you can often pay extra to fit it as part of Audi’s alternative technology pack.

This is usually between £ 1500 and £ 1700 depending on the model. It is worth the extra cash.

The MMI Navigation Plus includes at least a 10-inch touchscreen display; 3D sat-nave with zoomable map and a Street View function showing the 3D representation of the buildings around the car;

A route assistant who learns your most frequent trips monitors traffic conditions, and re-runs around jams; 10- or 12-inch digital driver’s dials (called the Audi p virtual cockpit) that can be configured to show whatever information the driver needs;

Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay depending on the model; And, in some cases, wireless phone charging. Then Audi connects, which connects MMI to the Internet.

Each Audi model gets a Safety and Service package, which provides support for accidents and breakdowns and can be used to book the service.

It works in conjunction with the myAudi app on your phone, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock the car, view vehicle status reports, track its location and receive theft alarm notifications.

The navigation and infotainment services system can show Google Earth images, flight time information, fuel prices, and parking fees. This allows access to some online audio streaming services and you can direct messages through it.

Various third-party applications are also available for useful services. Essentially, it is Audi’s home-brewed version of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is worth noting that Audi Connect services are subject to a subscription fee, but Audi is included free for the first 36 months.

Audi’s MMI system comes with a basic voice-control feature, which allows you to make phone calls and change radio stations without lifting a finger. But, BMW’s personal assistant (above) and Mercedes ‘Are Mercedes’ voice recognition software is far better.

Both let you adjust a wide range of car settings, and they will respond to plain speech rather than the robot-sounding commands needed to be used with Audi’s system.

For example, by saying ‘I am hot’ BMW and Mercedes will turn on the system to reduce the temperature of climate control.


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