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Khabane Lame Becomes 2nd Most Followed Tik-Tok Star!

As of July 2021, Khabi Lam is the second most followed TikToker, as she has over 75 million followers on TikTok. Born on March 9, 2000, Khabi is 21 years old and lives in Italy.

Before joining Tiktok, he worked as a CNC machine operator. He got limelight for his shot comedy skit, in which he roasts people who complicate simple things without any reason.

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Why is Khabane Lame Popular?

Khabane Lem (born 9 March 2000) is a Senegalese, Italy-based TikTok video host. His videos are known for being short comedy skits,

Where he sarcastically points out people who complicate simple tasks for no reason. As of June 2021, Lam’s TikTok account is the third most followed TikTok account.


Khabane Lame Net Worth:

Khabane Lame, also known as Khabi Lung, is a Senegalese with Italian citizenship who lives in the city of Chivaso in the region of Turin,

One of the biggest current events in TikTok. As of May 2021, his net worth is $1,000,000 – $2,000,000.

What is the relationship status of Khabane Lame?

Khabane Lem is dating a girl named Zaira Nuchi. She also lives in Italy. But what she does or other information is not yet a revelation.

Khabi has 29 million followers as a Tiktok star. But from which date he started dating Zaira Nuchi, it is not known. But people thought they were dating before Khabi went viral.

Whether Khabi has dated any other girl before Zaira, it is also not known. The news often keeps sharing pictures of herself and Zaira on Instagram. And the picture says that they are a happy couple.

How much does Khabane Lame earn from Tik Tok?

Currently, Khabi has over 50 million followers on TikTok which makes her a prime candidate for sponsored posts on the social media app.

According to Celebs LifeReel, the social media star can earn between $13,380 to $22,300 per post.


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