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Microsoft is Finally Retiring Microsoft Explorer in June 2022!

Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on its original Internet browser — Internet Explorer. After a life cycle of more than 25 years, the desktop application for Internet Explorer will “retire” on 15 June 2022 and it will no longer receive support services from the company either.

The company is instead encouraging users to migrate to Microsoft Edge, which has legacy support for built-in Internet Explorer-based websites. While Internet Explorer had an effective end to life last year, it still allowed users to use Explorer with limited functions.

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Microsoft Explorer Retiring in June 2022!

Microsoft is no longer supporting Microsoft teams in Internet Explorer since November 30, 2020. Although users may be able to use the service, there will be no guarantee that it will work correctly or that Microsoft will no longer provide support.

“This means that after the above dates, customers will have a poor experience or will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services on IE 11. For poor experiences, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or some features will work. May stop doing. When accessing an app or service via IE 11, “Microsoft explained.


When logging into Microsoft Teams Web Edition, it will check if you are visiting a site with incompatible Internet Explorer. If so, the platform will display a message saying, “This website does not work with Internet Explorer!” And recommend you to use desktop clients.

Microsoft did not say anything about logistics, but it would not explicitly remove IE 11 from the Windows ecosystem, at least not yet. Unfortunately, this also means that users and companies will have to deal with new vulnerabilities that Microsoft will not officially patch after the end of life.

Examples of people and companies using products, services, and software are long after their end of support. Windows XP and Windows 7 are ideal examples of this, as both operating systems are still in use today, even though Microsoft discontinued support a long time ago. The same is likely to happen with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Retiring Date:

“With Microsoft Edge being able to handle this responsibility and more, the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be phased out of support for some versions of Windows 10 on June 15, 2022,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Internet Explorer was the most widely used web browser ever, by 2003 it had acquired a usage share of about 95 percent. With the launch of Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008) and the increasing popularity of mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, its usage share has declined which Internet Explorer does not support.

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MICROSOFT will not support Edge from Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge Legacy will also become inactive by March 2020 to give way to the new Microsoft Edge. After March 9, 2021, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will no longer receive new security updates. Microsoft noted that apps and sites built for the Microsoft Edge legacy will continue to operate in the new Microsoft Edge.

However, there may be compatibility issues that customers can reach for support. Microsoft recommends users switch to the new Microsoft Edge app for better compatibility and to secure remote work requirements. It has also been said that transitioning with the new Microsoft Edge will be a hassle-free process.

Is Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Explorer Same?

If Windows 10 is installed on your computer, Microsoft’s latest browser “Edge” comes pre-installed as the default browser. Even though Edge is a web browser, such as Google Chrome and the latest Firefox releases, it does not support the NPAPI plug-in required to run applications such as Topaz Elements.

The edge icon, a blue letter “e,” is similar to the Internet Explorer icon, but they are separate applications. To open Internet Explorer, open the Windows menu in the lower-left corner of your screen and start typing “Internet Explorer”. IE will pop up in a search menu. Just click on it to open.

To add Internet Explorer to your taskbar, click the IE icon that now appears in your taskbar because you just opened it, and choose “Pin to Taskbar”. You can go a step further to quickly reach Pukhraj and set your homepage to If you want to remove the edge from your taskbar, right-click on the edge icon and select “Unpin from the taskbar”.


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