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Norway Court Fines Tesla for Low Charging Speed & Reduced Battery Capacities!

The Norwegian Reconciliation Council has ordered Tesla to pay thousands of dollars each to Model S owners after it was found that a software update led to longer charging times, the Norwegian newspaper Netvisen reported on Monday.

Drivers eligible for compensation under the ruling will each receive 136,000 kronor ($ 16,000). Thirty Tesla drivers complained to the Reconciliation Council in December 2020, stating that the charging time had slowed down following a software update last year. Poor performance affected Tesla Model S vehicles manufactured between 2013 and 2015.

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Norway asked Tesla to Give $16,000 to Every Customer Who Owns Tesla!

As Electrek reported, owners in Norway and elsewhere complained of a 30-mile range drop after the 2019 software update. He noted a decrease in DC fast-charging rates at Tesla’s supercharger stations. Issues reportedly included the 2013-2015 model.

Tesla said at the time that it was intended to “protect the battery and improve the battery’s longevity”. The company said it would only affect “a small percentage of owners”.

Some owners saw a drastic drop in battery capacity of up to 11 percent compared to the expected general gradual decline. Those issues have led to lawsuits not only in Norway but also in Denmark, the US, and elsewhere.

Why Tesla Cars are Charging Slow?

One of the owners of the “Model S85” 2014 released that he could originally drive 247 miles (397 kilometers) in one charge but after the update on May 13 – only 217 miles (349 kilometers).

The company said that one of the objectives of the updated program was battery safety and an increase in its service life. The problem only touched a “small percentage of owners”, assuring the manufacturer of electro cars.

How much does a Tesla Cost?

The initial cost of buying a Tesla Model S is very high. According to Edmunds, MSRP $ 81,1901 for the 2021 Model S. With no options or upgrades. If you are interested in a Plaid or Plaid + trim package for the Model S, the MSPR goes up to $ 121,190 and $ 141,190 respectively.

By comparison, the original Model 3 starts at around $ 50,0002. These prices do not include add-ons that can enhance your driving experience if you own Telas. For example, the autopilot feature, smart air suspension, and upgraded sound system, each at $ 2,500.

You can enjoy high-quality finishes for $ 5,000 and executive rear seats for $ 3,000. The Subzero Weather package costs an additional $ 1,000 and two additional seats will run you $ 3,000.

Earlier, Tesla Charged Some Customers 2 Times more for a New Tesla!

For consumers who see money taken from accounts twice, when they ordered only once, Excel said, “The best thing to do is to go back to the merchant and tell them that an error has occurred.

Ask them to return or refund the money. That should be the easiest way. ” Contacting a bank to try to reverse the transaction may also work, but it may take longer and the bank will need to coordinate with the merchants.

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How much Shares of Tesla does Elon Owns?

Reports that Elon Musk owns 20% of Tesla, triple the amount of several other institutional shareholders. The next organization down the ladder is Susekhana Securities, which supplies brokerage services and contributes to research technology.

It owns 6.5% of Tesla, which translates to about 61 million shares. Capital World Investors, which assists Tesla in asset management, owns 5.6% of the company with more than 52 million shares.

Apart from these top three institutional shareholders, the three individual shareholders also hold substantial stock in the company. Most notable are Elon’s brother Kimble Musk and another member of Tesla’s board of directors. He currently owns 629,740 shares of Tesla.


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