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PS5 Dual Sense Controller Are Now Available with 2 New Colors!

Sony’s popular PlayStation DualSense wireless controller is getting an update next month – launching in two new colors, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. The colors are now available for pre-order at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.

According to PlayStation’s blog, shipping dates are by the retailer. This is the first release of new colors for the controller, PlayStation said. Prior to this launch, you could only get the controller – designed for the best-selling PlayStation 5 console – in white.

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PS5 Dual Sense Controller available with Two new colors: Black & Red!

With two new colors, users will have more options for the PS5 controller. Sony interprets the new colors as follows – “Midnight Black has two different shades of black with light gray to reflect how we see the space through the night sky and cosmic red. Provides an attractive black and red design inspired by unique vivid colors of color. Found throughout the universe. “


PS5 Dual Sense Controller Features:

  • Feel your in-game action and environment through haptic feedback
  • Experience different forces and stresses at your fingertips with an adaptive trigger
  • Chat online with the built-in microphone
  • Connect headset directly via 3.5mm jack
  • Turn voice capture on and off using the dedicated mute button
  • Record and Broadcast Your Epic Gaming Moments with the Create Button
  • Enjoy a comfortable, developed design with iconic layouts and improved sticks
  • Charge and run with built-in battery and USB Type-C port
  • Interact seamlessly with select games using the integrated motion sensor
  • Listen to high-reliability sound effects through built-in speakers in supported games.

The Pros & Cons of PS5 Dual Sense Controller:

The Pros

  • An adventurous departure from previous designs that really pays
  • Solid and heavy build quality gives a premium feel
  • Haptic feedback and improved vibration motors are truly next-generation experiences
  • Better battery life than DualShock 4

The Cons

  • White color scheme leads can lead to scratches and scars

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PS5 Dual Sense Controller Review: The Good & The Bad!

I was particularly surprised at how the PS5’s triggers can stop in the middle, vibrating with feedback but seemingly depending on what you’re making contact with. The closest thing to a PS5 for simulating touch is when rock climbing takes place in Astro’s playroom, where the triggers give feedback and even lock to create a ledge feel.

The excitement of Sony’s latest console was Gaming’s California Gold Rush. Adding to the frustration, some came up with an augmented reality filter on Instagram that put a PS5 box virtually into the user’s home, and as a gift to the PS5 pranks – which were just empty boxes – took the internet by storm took.

Then came the scaling; Sellers on OLX can be found selling the PS5 for up to ₹ 90,000 – unfortunately, there are no strict laws against scaling, but consumers have been advised not to buy these and wait for a restock. We give the same advice, do not give in to temptation; Buy from an authorized seller.

Some of Doucet’s early experiments with adaptive triggers exhibited surprising levels of realism. “We had a demo that we didn’t put into the game, but it was a handheld. You can open and close it,” Doucette says. The hand will be able to hold various objects and crush things like glass balls.

The PS5 is a beautiful add-on to your home display, thanks to its futuristic blue, white and yellow lights with varying modes. You can choose which orientation to place in the unit, according to which the base is attached so that it does not tilt awkwardly in the curvature of the design. The attachable base is also helpful in keeping the console’s white surfaces scratch-free.

The conclusion

Overall, the PS5 DualSense controller is an excellent piece of next-gen hardware. The PS5 controller sets the bar as the next generation of controllers and surpasses its competitor’s controllers. The PlayStation 5 Controller truly provides the next generation experience and is an incredible technology.


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