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Redmi’s Large-Sized TVs are confirmed to launch in India in March…

Today, ahead of the global launch of the Redmi Note 10 series, at the conclusion of Xiaomi’s Global VP and Bharat VP, Manu Kumar Jain shared a teaser of what’s happening next for the brand in 2021.

The short video has revealed that the Redmi branded smart TVs will be launched soon. In India. At the end of the launch of the Redmi Note 10 series, the video was very short with a duration of just 17 seconds. The video confirmed the Redmi Smart TV in great shape.

Redmi’s Large-Sized TVs Launch in India: Everything you should know

Even in 2021, Manu said, we are proud to introduce “something big” which soon launches the large size Redmi Smart TV in India. For those who are not aware, Xiaomi has been selling Mi Smart TVs in India for the past few years and is now the market leader as well thanks to aggressive pricing and money offers.

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Redmi Smart TV has been a thing in China for some time and it seems that Redmi Smart TV is on its way to India. Since Manu confirmed that they would be bringing in bigger TVs, it is expected that Xiaomi will launch the Redmi X series in India.

The teaser also has an “X” which can be an indication and the “L” in the teaser is for larger size Redmi TVs. In May 2020, Redmi announced the new X series Smart TV in China.

When will a Large size Redmi TV launch in India?

Redmi’s Large-Sized TV
Redmi’s Large-Sized TV

According to some experts, Redmi will launch its Smart TV lineup in India in early March this year. These smart TVs are projected to offer competitive prices and will follow a similar pricing strategy that was adopted by the Mi TV series.

While we do not know what will make Redmi TV unique in India, it is speculated that it may be the Redmi Smart TV X series. Having already launched in China, the Redmi TV comes in three size variants: a 50-inch model, a 55-inch model, and a 65-inch model.

However, we do not know how many variants the company will launch in India. There are possibilities that Redmi may also launch India-specific Redmi TV.

What are the Features, Specifications, and Price for the New Redmi TV in India?

Launched in May last year, the Redmi TV X Series comes in three sizes: 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. The TV supports a 4K Ultra HD display with a 97 percent screen-to-body-ratio and NTSC 85 percent wide color gamut.

MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) technology is also supported for smooth content on TV.

Which Redmi TV X Series: Variants, Models, will launch in India?

The Redmi TV X Series will be available in various screen sizes, including small size options. According to the teaser, the Redmi TV X Series models will be called: Redmi X50, Redmi X55, and Redmi X65, which reflect the screen size for different Redmi X Smart TVs.

The Redmi TV X Series is expected to offer more sizes under the offer of Full HD resolution. The top-end models will come with 4K panels. As Mi TV, Redmi TV is expected to offer high-quality design, good picture quality, and sound at budget pricing.

Xiaomi is said to be entering the OLED TV segment soon, and some Redmi X series TVs in the top-end segment may come with OLED panels. The Redmi TV has been introduced in the X Series teaser as a bezel-less design, and they are expected to come with premium features.

Currently, Redmi TV is available in 98-inch and 70-inch panels. While the Mi TV series has smaller size models, the upcoming Redmi TV may have more options in terms of size and panel.

The India launch of the Redmi TV X series is expected, as Realme is entering the market with its budget TV. Xiaomi will try to diversify its Smart TV portfolio in India, and the Redmi TV X series could be a perfect series.

The premium smart TV segment is also growing in India, and Xiaomi is recently bringing premium products to India in the form of the Mi 10 5G. Redmi TV India may debut in the second half of 2020 with the X series.


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