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What is Computer Worm? Is Worm a Virus?

The term “computer worm” was first made use of in 1975 in the novel “The Shockwave Biker” by John Brunner. In this unique, the protagonist of the story develops a worm that collects information. In the very early days of computer science, worms were made to exploit a system’s vulnerabilities.

What is a Computer Worm?

As opposed to seriously damaging the contaminated computer systems, they simply maintained multiplying in the background. Today, however, the objective of computer worms has altered. Today, opponents usually use them to obtain full access to their targets’ computers.

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Computers attached to a network are prone to various forms of malware, including computer system worms. A computer worm is a malware that recreates itself and also spreads over network links. The computer worm does not usually infect computer data, yet rather infects an additional computer system on the network.

This is done by the worm duplicating itself. The worm passes this capability on its reproduction, which allows it to infect other systems in the same way. The distinction in between computer worms and viruses can additionally be discovered here.

Computer system worms are stand-alone programs that reproduce themselves as well as run in history, while infections require a host of documents to contaminate.


How do Computer Worms Work?

Worms can be transferred via software application susceptibilities. Or computer system worms might arrive as add-ons in spam e-mails or instant messages (IMs). As soon as opened up, these documents might offer a link to a destructive internet site or automatically download and install the computer system worm.

Once it’s mounted, the worm calmly most likely to work and also infects the equipment without the user’s knowledge. Worms can modify as well as remove data, and they can even infuse extra harmful software programs onto a computer.

Sometimes a computer system worm’s objective is only to make copies of itself over and over– diminishing system resources, such as disk drive space or transmission capacity, by overloading a shared network.

Along with ruining a computer’s sources, worms can additionally steal information, mount a backdoor, as well as enable a hacker to gain control over a computer and its system settings.

Is Worm a Type of Virus?


You’ll typically see the word virus used in common sense to refer to any type of malware, yet that’s purely speaking not remedy. A trojan horse, like its biological counterpart, can not replicate or spread by itself accord; rather, it injects its malicious code right into existing applications as well as utilizes its performance in order to accomplish its goal.

The name worm is indicated to indicate that a computer system worm is a step up on the ladder of life from an infection. Like a real-life worm, it may be a specifically small and also gross life type in its ecological community, but it contains within itself all the functionality it requires make duplicates of itself and walk around the atmosphere.


A worm is additionally different from a Trojan, a 3rd form of malware, which requires to deceive users right into releasing an application in order to operate; as soon as a worm has installed itself on your computer system, it does not need your help to do what it intends to do.

These distinctions are necessary if you intend to stay strictly appropriate, as well as we’ll intend to utilize all 3 names correctly right here and also in other places on CSO. Yet understand that lots of people make use of infection in an overly broad sense,

And so you could see worms described as infections, or perhaps as “worm infections.” Remember: if it can duplicate and copy itself on its own, it’s a worm.

What are the Types of Computer Worms?

Although there are no official statistics offered, it is safe to say that there are well over a million computer system worms in the globe, each created for a details function. Most of them have been separated and are now consistently discovered and also eliminated by the majority of the best anti-virus software.

However, new worms are being developed virtually daily as well as can in some cases go unnoticed by the user till it’s too late. There is no global classification of computer worms, but they can be organized into types based upon how they are dispersed in between computer systems.

The five usual kinds are as follows:

  • WEB Worms

Like they make with computer networks, computer worms likewise target prominent sites with inadequate security. When they take care of infecting the website,

Webworms can reproduce themselves onto any kind of computer system is made use of to access the website concerned. From there, net worms are distributed to other linked computer systems via the net and lan connections.


Email worms are most often distributed via compromised e-mail attachments. They usually have dual extensions (as an example,. mp4.exe or.avi.exe) to make sure that the recipient would certainly assume that they are media documents as well as not destructive computer programs.

When the targets click on the accessory, duplicates of the same contaminated documents will instantly be sent to addresses from their get in touches with list. An e-mail message doesn’t need to include a downloadable accessory to disperse a computer system worm.

Rather, the body of the message might have a link that’s reduced to make sure that the recipient can not tell what it has to do with without clicking it. When they click the link, they will be required to a contaminated website that will immediately start downloading harmful software applications to their computer system.

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Immediate messaging worms are exactly the like email worms, the only distinction being their technique of circulation. Once again, they are covered up as accessories or clickable links to internet sites.

They are typically accompanied by brief messages like “LOL” or “You need to see this!” to deceive the sufferer into assuming that their pal is sending them a funny video clip to consider.

When the individual clicks the web link or the add-on– be it in Carrier, WhatsApp, Skype, or any other popular messaging application– the exact same message will certainly then be sent out to their contacts. Unless the worm has actually duplicated itself onto their computer, individuals can resolve this issue by altering their password.


Although prohibited, file-sharing and peer-to-peer document transfers are still made use of by millions of people around the world. Doing so, they are unconsciously revealing their computers to the hazard of file-sharing worms.

Like email and also immediate messaging worms, these programs are camouflaged as media files with double expansions. When the sufferer opens the downloaded and installs documents to watch it or listen to it, they will download the worm to their computer.

Even if it appears that individuals have downloaded a real usable media file, executable malicious documents could be concealed in the folder and inconspicuously mounted when the media file is first opened up.


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