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What is LiFi? Is it Really 100x Faster Than WiFi?

In the near future, the astonishment will certainly not stop increasing. Every person is speaking about Big Information, IoT, robotics, or artificial intelligence, however, there are various other very useful technologies that could have an influence on our lives in no time at all.

Since the beginnings of the Web, connections have not stopped boosting, driven by ever-increasing demand. The globe is starving for even more data, more links, even more knowledge, more speed. What happens is that present innovations have their limitations, as well as a result brand-new services are knocking highly at the door periodically.

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What is LiFi & Lifi Technology?

Today we live in a Wifi world. Some popular terminals, such as mobile phones, along with lots of various other gadgets, make use of today’s cordless networks to provide all sorts of solutions online. What happens is that even such an effective technology has its constraints.

Life (or Light Fidelity) modern technology is one of the alternatives proposed as a brand-new kind of information transmission. The term Lifi was first utilized just recently as 2011 by engineer Harald Haas during a TED conference.

What is lifi? Simply put, Life technology contains an information transmission method that uses noticeable light and also ultraviolet and also infrared lights to execute the communication. What’s that expected to suggest? Well, the data could be transferred to any place where these kinds of light might get to.


Exactly how is that possible? It’s less complex than it looks. If we assume, as an example, of the prominent LED lights, it is estimated that these could be switched on,

And off concerning 10 billion times per second something that human beings would not be able to perceive. Having this capacity, the “on and off” could be translated into binary language, hence reaching speeds of 10 Gbps.

How Does LiFi Works?

A LiFi network utilizes the light from LED lamps to send data to a tool, such as a laptop or a tablet computer. The gadget has a receiver to pick up light signals and also a transmitter to send out light signals back to the light using infrared light.

The light from the LED lights changes intensity billions of times a 2nd, quicker than the eye can see. This modification in strength ends up being a digital signal which can lug info from the net to a user and back once more. Multiple lights can be included in a single network, to ensure that you can move from light to light without losing your link.

You do not need to be straight under a light to utilize LiFi. The electronic signal is likewise carried by light mirrored off wall surfaces and other surfaces.

A LiFi network still requires a normal internet service provider to supply net to an office or home by means of cables. LiFi can then be released within a home or office to supply a wireless net connection to gadgets.

Is Lifi 100 Times Faster Than WiFi?

The real-world testing as well as application of LiFi, that’s what. Simply envision … downloading greater than lots of flicks in a single second. The LiFi buzz struck the circuit at the end of last year and while still not verified, caught the interest of web and eCommerce experts worldwide.

Fast forward a couple of months and also now, LiFi has actually removed its training wheels and is going for a spin in the real life. Researchers around the globe are field-testing LiFi in office and commercial setups, regularly documenting information transmission rates at 1GB per second– that’s 100 times faster than present average WiFi rates!

What are the Uses of LiFi?

1. Use of LiFi in Live Streaming:

According to a Go-Globe report, 82% of consumers favor watching online videos from a brand than blog posts, 80% of brand name target market prefer to watch an online video clip from a brand name than read a blog, and also live videos are watched 3 times longer than video clips that are not live anymore.

Because of the high-speed rates Li-Fi can reach, it can be provided in big shopping malls, sports stadiums, street lights, airplanes, trains consisting of underground, train terminals, flight terminals, and also, therefore.

This enables any kind of customer to take in abundant web content media like videos as well as live streaming from their smart devices or other smartphones almost anywhere they resemble in stadiums, trains, as well as airplanes offered they are revealed to Li-Fi, allowed LEDs.

Li-Fi live streaming can likewise be useful for adhering to types of occasions: Seminars – Meetings. – Team Structure occasions. Trade convention. – Company diners. – Press conferences. – Networking occasions.

Opening Events. – Product launches. – Style events. – Award events. – Wedding events. – Funeral services. – Birthday celebration events. – Performances. Li-Fi live streaming has a lot of possibilities in the many years ahead.

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2. Use of LiFi in Hospital:

As Li-Fi does not interfere with radio frequency tools, Li-Fi can be safely utilized in many hospital applications. For example, in passages, waiting areas, patient spaces and also running theatres, Li-Fi technology will certainly allow a light interaction network,

Which will certainly eliminate electromagnetic interference issues from smart devices and also making use of Wi-Fi in health centers. Li-Fi can likewise be used for real time monitoring as well as report of client movement as well as vital signs without the requirement of wires.

In healthcare facility pharmacies as well as especially in aseptic manufacturing sites, Li-Fi could be used by pharmacologists for obtaining and also evaluating electronically approved prescriptions straight in the unit.

Li-Fi can be used for real-time monitoring of suggested aseptic medications like cytotoxic medicines, Parenteral medicines, and centralized intravenous additive services (CIVAS) in the system, as well as registered nurses as well as other medical care professionals from the ward.

It can inspect the standing without the demand of calling or going directly to the aseptic unit. With Li-Fi, the gain access to as well as sharing of individual documents will certainly be done in a convenient, quick as well as very safe, and secure way.

For drug store dispensaries, Li-Fi could be utilized by people to inspect the real-time status of the prescriptions on their mobile phones or drug store terminals while waiting to gather their manuscripts.

Li-Fi can make it possible for information loggers from another location to keep an eye on an environment with periodic information uploads using the Li-Fi network without the need of being accumulated to a COMPUTER. Via the Li-Fi network, the data can be collected from any kind of Li-Fi made it possible for tools.


In healthcare facility drug stores and also especially in aseptic production sites, Li-Fi could be utilized by pharmacists for obtaining and also screening online accepted prescriptions straight in the device.

Li-Fi can be used for real-time monitoring of recommended aseptic medicines like cytotoxic drugs, Parenteral medications, and centralized intravenous additive services (CIVAS) in the device and also registered nurses and other healthcare experts from the ward can inspect the condition without the demand of calling or going directly to the aseptic unit.

Automation, including computerized examination as well as product packaging, is coming to be a progressively vital part of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The many advantages of automation consist of effectiveness, conserving workers from harmful atmospheres or repetitive jobs,

Decreasing training overhead, getting rid of human error, enhancing repeatability and also reproducibility, and also in cleanrooms, getting rid of the capacity for human contamination. Through Li-Fi, the gain access to and sharing of personal records will be performed in a practical, faster, and also very secure way.

For drug store dispensaries, Li-Fi could be utilized by individuals to examine the real-time status of the prescriptions on their smartphones or pharmacy terminals while waiting to collect their manuscripts.


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