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Why Pokemon Go Fans are Not Happy with New In-Game Changes?

Niantic introduced a bunch of in-game changes to Pokémon Go, making it easier for players to play while they were all quarantining.

Pokémon Go is a game in which players move around and explore their surroundings in augmented reality, so with people not being able to exit, these changes were welcomed.

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Niantic, introduced in Pokémon Go due to COVID-19, made the game more accessible to players, and the roll-back announcement has sparked a community backlash.

Pokemon Go Faces Backlash for New Game Updates!

An update from Niantic yesterday outlined the big changes that detailed new features coming to Pokemon GO, pandemic features that are being removed, and pandemic features that are becoming permanent changes.


These are features that are being removed and some fans of the game having a bit of a drama on social media.

There will be new Bonus Changes in Pokemon Go!

We will only remove the temporary bonus introduced last year after Pokemon Go Fest 2021, starting in the United States and New Zealand.

As we said last November, we want to give you advance information about what’s to come and our thinking behind it.

We are committed to doing this in a different way, when it makes sense for each location in the world, to help people play safely.

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As we return to the outside world again, these changes are intended to focus Pokémon Go’s focus on movement and exploration in the real world.

These changes will be introduced gradually and carefully to make the world around you more exciting.

Pokemon Go New Changes are Launched in USA & New Zealand!

These new changes are going to be first rolled out to Pokémon Go players in the United States (new Covid-19 cases on the decline) and New Zealand.

Pokémon Go players in the US and New Zealand will start seeing these changes in-game by the end of July after this year’s Pokémon Go Fest ends. Once secured, the changes will be implemented in other countries.


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